There's a Dinosaur in My Backyard

The next set of illustrations I will be working on deals with a story I cowrote with some folks I used to work with. In my days in advertising, we had half-days devoted to strengthening our company's culture and understanding of its values. One of these days, our exercise was to work on a children's story – illustrate and write it. My group came up with this idea: a girl is playing in her backyard and discovers a dinosaur bone. Once she picks it up, she is met by an actual dinosaur. It was supposed to have the flair of "Harold and the Purple Crayon" where the object can transport the girl's imagination. It's been a few years since this exercise, but I still have the story, and have revisited it to re-illustrate it. In the original sketches, I used some stock photography for the girl's likeness, but wasn't really satisfied. (These sketches are in the "Sketches" section of the site). So I took some pics of my daughter and used her instead.
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