My Process: Part Seven

I further add value to Molly's hair - keeping in mind the curls and undulations. I deepen the hair color by adding a little more Winsor blue at a time. When I had it all laid in, I looked at the hair and thought that a unifying wash would help decrease the contrast and pull the look of her hair together more. Because at that point, it was very high contrast and her hair looked "piecy." When I put the final wash down, I was also able to soften the blends between the values, which helped quite a bit. I then repeated the steps I used on Molly's face when I painted Jacob's. His was much easier since his face is much smaller in the composition. Before I called it a night, I put a Burnt Sienna wash as a highlight color for Jacob's hair. Funny enough, he and my wife thought it strange for him to be a redhead. We're in the home stretch!

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