My Process: Part Six

At this stage, I have added more detail to the mouth. What I find tricky about mouths, even to this day, is that teeth are rarely pure white. (Same with the whites of the eyes). So I had the carefully use light, cool washes to build up the values between the teeth, and the give them some tint. Then, using the same mix I used to do the initial wash for the mouth, I built up the values there – adding Winsor blue to deepen the color. I then moved on to the hair. One of the biggest lessons I learned in art school, was that you should always treat hair as a single form – not to consider it strand by strand. I laid in a light wet-in-wet wash of Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre to establish the highlight color. Then I made a mix of Burnt Sienna and Winsor Blue to start building the values – I laid in an initial wet-to-dry application to establish highlights in the hair. Molly's hair is so curly, so there were a lot of undulations. Next time: Her hair should be done and on to Jacob!

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