Time Capsule

Today I was doing a little cleaning in my studio area (the place is a disaster zone) and found a folder. On it was my name and the words "science" and "math" on it. To best of my recollections, I used it when I was in 7th or 8th grade. But in it, I found pages of drawings and paintings I had done from the age of, I would guess, 8 to age 17. This one here is the earliest one – I know I worked on it with my dad for the Cub Scout troop I was in (that's his handwriting at the bottom) – it was for a fund raiser poster. Of course I had a how-to cartooning book that I was enamored with, and that's where the characters came from. What's funny is that I hadn't seen this drawing in decades and when I look at it today, I still remember the struggles I had with shape and getting the proportions the way I saw them in the book. I wonder where that book is anyway?

Oh yeah, the signature you notice at the bottom was the name I went by in my childhood. I'd thank you not to call me by that name now Happy

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