Warm Up Between Projects

I don't always use the sketchbook to concept new ideas, draw character designs, or do rough/tight pencil drawings. I also use it to "exercise" my skills in a way. The other day we were out at the Aquatic Center with the family. And if you know me, I'm not particularly fond of the sun or pools. So, I had my sketchbook and pencils handy and just set up shop in the shade. (And at this time of the year in DFW - shade temps were probably around 100º or so!) What I like to do every now and then to loosen up is to do gesture drawings - where you draw from life quickly. Most times it is of the human figure in motion, which at a public pool, there were plenty of figures in motion. These exercises help me to draw more loosely and to learn to capture form with simple strokes. Of course, the designer in me can't resist tightening a few things up (like the pipes and structures) and add a little whimsy here and there. Just to portray the searing heat!

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