Stage Fright?

You never know when inspiration's gonna hit you. It could be in the middle of a lecture at school or during a root canal. But when it does, you have to jump on it. Whether it's committing it to memory and writing it down as soon as you get a chance or breaking out the sketchbook immediately, you should never ignore your muse when she acts. My muse today was iPhoto. I was scrolling through hundreds of photos, organizing but mostly reminiscing, when I came across this pic of my daughter making faces to the camera in her Halloween costume. I thought of the Illustration Friday topic for this week and thought, "Hey, I bet I can make this work!" So I immediately began searching for supporting images and composed this sketch.

I won't talk about it just yet until I finish the painting and post it to IF. But i am very excited to be painting after a few weeks' hiatus.
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