Latest Work

As I mentioned in my last post, I was contacted by Red River Kids Magazine to produce a few illustrations for a story in their summer issue. The story centers on a girl who is beginning her first summer without her father. He is in the military and was stationed overseas. The day leads to a small adventure with her sister. As soon as the issue is published, I will post a link to the site.

Here are the final sketches. A few tweaks were made as I painted, but it pretty much stayed true to my sketches. The important thing was to portray the emotions experienced by the characters. I felt pretty sensitive to this story, so I knew what i wanted to see in expressions. Thanks to my children for posing for me. I hate to embarrass my son like this, but he posed as the older girl. The fun part was to get him to look panicked. I had to act out the scene with him to help him understand and we just went back and forth. I am very happy with the work and I will post the final paintings soon.

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